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I can find no rhyme or reason for why my iTunes (11.0.4) sometimes glitches out when pushing songs to my brand new Apple TV (5.3) via Airplay.


Sometimes it quits playing a song with two seconds left in the track and refuses to play the rest.  Sometimes it refuses to play a song at all.  Sometimes it'll be shuffling a playlist and when I skip forward, it refuses to play the next song, but if I skip forward again, it likes that song and will play it on the Apple TV.  It won't play song A at all, it'll play song B but quit playing two seconds from the end, and yet I can't find any technical differences between the two files that would account for it.


I have no problems when controlling music via the Apple TV itself (i.e. pulling music), only when my MacBook Pro is playing the music and using Airplay (i.e. pushing) the music to the Apple TV.  I can't find any commonalities between the tracks; so far as I can tell, it's random (though it may not actually be).  When I use my iPhone 5 to push the music insteadthe same music that it just synced from iTunesit'll play and work just like I expect it to.


Anybody have any ideas?  I'd super-appreciate it!  I'm loving everything about my set-up except for this glitching.  Thanks in advance for any help!


- fourthords


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