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I have recently taken delivery of a new Ford Mondeo Business Edition. When I ordered the car I first asked whether the hands-free system would be compatible with my iphone5. I was told by the dealer that it would indeed be compatible so I placed the ordered and waited.


The first thing I did when I recieved the car was to pair my iphone5 (iOS6.1.4) so that I would be able to safely make and recieve calls during the 20 to 25 hours of driving that I undertake each week for work. Unforunately, every time I attempted to use the hands free controls the calls were immediately cut off once the number had been dialed. If I made a call be operating the handset directly the bluetooth worked fine and the calls went through.


I visited my local Ford dealership to make enquiries and was told that in order to avoid damaging the cars software I should un-pair and delete the iphone from the cars system.


Please advise, is this an Apple or a Ford issue?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4