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Head scratcher d'Jour:


When I am using Photoshop Elements 10, after twenty minutes, the wired USB apple keyboard (A-1242) stops entering alphabetic keyboard characters into any word fields. This applies to any fields in P/S such as file names or typography in an image.


At the same time, the keyboard will not enter alphabetic characters in any document field anywhere on the iMac. It WILL execute commands using the Command key but without that modifier, the keyboard remains paralyzed for alphabetic input.


I have 4GB ram

The trackball works normally.

Swapping USB ports doesn't fix the issue.

Restarting is the only thing that fixes the problem, temporarily. The problem returns again after another 20 minutes using P/S Elements. If Elements 10 is closed, there is no problem at all, ever.:

Resetting the PRAM hasn't fixed the problem, it still looses keyboard inputs after a long rest. (Cursor continues to move and cursor commands work fine.


SMC reset 2-3 times in succession only fixes the problem for about 20 minutes.


A different Apple USB (older) keyboard works fine when the A1242 has temporarily died.


Something dies (with time) between the A1242 and the iMac and requires rebooting to temporarily fix.


Any thoughts dearly appreciated.


Many thanks



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)