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To Whom It May Concern and Has More Knowledge In The Realm of iCloud;


I receive the message "Error: unable to connect to email account" when I program the smtp settings into my DVR (digital video recorder).The settings that I use are smtp.mail.me.com on port 587 with SSL enabled. I have tried with and without SSL and also tried ports 25, 465 and others. AND my username and password are CORRECT.


The DVR operates with a gmail account but I would prefer the icloud account because apple's email server is lightning quick (which makes all the difference with a DVR system).


I can see the IP address for the smtp when I ping smtp.mail.me.com but the request times out. 


Any ideas? 

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    Hmm... in my mac's email client, the incoming address for icloud is different.




    I don't know if the p05 part of the address is universal, I've seen other posts that use something else.  Also, wasn't the address you list used by the now defunct MobileMe?

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    FYI, the "p05-" is added when if automatically configure iCloud email using Lion or Mountain lion on a Mac.  (The number varries based on your location I believe.)  If you're manually adding the account using a different operating system/email client, the smtp server is smtp.mail.me.com, as shown here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4864.

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    Thanks for the reply pvonk.


    Unfortunately, to "p05-" prefix did not work either.  I tried several variants.

    Again, this is for out going messages so I was using smtp instead of imap, but it's kinda the same.

    I can see the IP address when I ping p05-smtp.mail.me.com but the request times out.  I think I may just need a different smtp address.


    Don't know what you mean about the MobileMe.  The smtp.mail.me.com is what Apple currently list as the correct setting.  Didn't read an alternate anywhere else.


    Do you know of any other resources?


    Thanks again

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    Thanks for the reply randers4.


    The problem is that the smtp-mail.me.com does not connect for my 3rd party devise.


    I was hoping for an alternate smtp address.

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    You're welcome.  You won't be able to get the "pxx-" prefix to work; it is only assigned when an iCloud account is automatically configured on a Mac.  All other clients use smtp.mail.me.com, which as far as I know is the only iCloud smtp server currently in use.