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I'm sorry if this was posted before, but I really can't find a way to solve this.


Most of my songs in my iPod (iPod touch 3rd gen 64GB; iOS 5.1.1) are grayed out! Only those recently downloaded or transferred for the past 7 months are playable. Does any one know a fix?


Here's what's happening:


Inside the iPod, the songs are grayed out and can't be touched or played. When I plug it in the pc (windows 7), I try to play the songs under the device and it doesn't play. It shows a circular symbol with an exclamation point inside it. I try to play it in the iTunes library itself, it works. I don't think it's a location problem because it's a different symbol and it's not prompting me to locate the files. So I think it's a corrupted data thing or something. I've never pulled out the cable while syncing or I've never tried to stop or interrupt it's syncing so I have no clue how this happened. The only suspicious activity I can think of is that I plug it into different auxiliary cables to different speakers sometimes.


I've added a lot of songs for the past years but I had to reformat my pc and some of my songs were deleted but luckily, they were still in my iPod. Now that they're grayed out, I don't know how to save them. If I try to sync my music with my library, most of the songs will be gone. I don't think uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes is a fix either 'cause the problem is within the iPod. Is there any fix wherein I don't have to sync my music with my library? HELP!

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1