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So i guess i am luckier than some that it shows up at all, but it would be nice if it could show up in itunes. I also have a problem with the connection (usb) as it seems to disconnect itself without any movement. Any help would be much appreciated- Thanks, Andrew

ps- i have a 1gig shuffle, ibook dual usb, osx 10.2.8

and i got the ipod off ebay (am i screwed?)

ibook dual usb, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    Is that the only computer you use the shuffle with? The problemt might be the usb, try either a different port or using a different device with the same port if the disconnection still occurs. Also make sure you have iTunes 6 installed.

    if you got it off ebay, it's probably not under warranty in your name unless the seller gave you warrany information.
  • Cal Bouton Level 2 Level 2
    I too got my 1GB iPod Shuffle off ebay. Specifically from seller that goes by the name: topomicro, or tech_google@lttechnology.com which is apparently the email support where I have yet to hear anything beyond the sale of my iPod Shuffle. This seller is from Hong Kong, and I am very suspectable to what I got. First of all, I didn't see no Apple product registration card with my package which renders my purchase useless if I cannot get mine going. I've read in many forums that these iPod Shuffles are very common to BLD (Blinking Light of Death) and this is exactly what I think I got. I can mount and see my iPod Shuffle on my destkop like as if it's a USB Flash drive but that's about as far as I can get. Neither iTunes, nor iPod Updater will recognize my Shuffle. Now I don't know whether I should go and dispute my charges, or continue to hunt down a solution to the so-called common problem among the iPod Shuffles. Any suggestions what those people who are buying from this seller on eBay would be appreciated. TIA

    PowerMac G5 1.6Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    First you'd better establish that what you have is actually an iPod Shuffle. A quick way to do that is to plug in the serial number (it's on the Shuffle itself) to the link you'll find on the iPod Shuffle Support Page.
  • Cal Bouton Level 2 Level 2
    Well, so far the number has been accepted. The serial number from my iPod Shuffle has been accepted and registered. Now, where can I go from here if the seller isn't responding to my questions for support? At this moment, I am still stuck with just a flash drive-like and no player isn't even working. When I turn it on and press play, I just get a red/amber flashing light. When I insert into my G5 usb connection, the "UNTITLED" USB drive mounts to the desktop and the lights flash green/amber/red. And like I mentioned before, it's not even recognized from any of the Mac applications.
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    Sorry ..... it still sounds hinky to me. For one thing, the actual iPS doesn't even have a red LED on the front display; there are no valid error signals which include that.

    You can dispute it with your CC and or through eBay/PayPay/whatever.

    In the meantime, try dragging a file to it. Can it at least be used as a flash drive in the meantime? Does Finder handle it like one?

    You might also try formatting it to FAT32 and see if you can get it to come to life, but that would be sort of a long shot for an NQR Shuffle.
  • Cal Bouton Level 2 Level 2
    Yes, I can us the Shuffle as a flash drive in the meantime but that defeats the pupose of having the iPS. As for formatting it to FAT32, how would I go about doing that on the Mac? The only option on the Mac is MS-DOS which actually formats it to FAT16.
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    My iPod Shuffle worked for a while, but then one time when I turned it on it showed the error light. I plugged it into my computer and windows would read it, but iTunes wouldn't. When I tried to restore it with iPod updater, it said it couldn't communicate with it. I even tried opening it with My computer in windows and it said that it had trouble communicating with it.
  • Cal Bouton Level 2 Level 2
    I guess it turns out that upon attempting to register my iPod Shuffle, Apple says that I have a counterfeit item. Here's their reply to my registration:

    "We regret to inform you that the serial number you have cited is recognized by our registration system as having the same format as a known series of counterfeit iPods. Please look closely to be certain that you have cited the serial number correctly. If not, please let us know the correct serial number of your product.

    Due to the incredible success of the iPod family of digital music players, a number of counterfeit devices have appeared on the market. Although they may bear Apple's name or logo, they are not manufactured or licensed by Apple.

    We would very much appreciate if you could send us a digital photo of your device by email.

    You should make a reservation and take your iPod to an Apple Store retail location to have it inspected at the Genius Bar, for the purpose of determining whether or not it is, in fact, a counterfeit product. To locate the nearest Apple Store and to make a reservation to see the Mac Genius, please visit <http://www.apple.com/retail>. If the Apple Store personnel conclude that the iPod is counterfeit, Apple will be unable to provide any kind of service or support for the product.

    Apple does not provide service or support for non-Apple products. We also suggest that you consult the vendor or reseller from which you obtained the product.

    Best regards,

    Apple Online Services Support

    Oh well, I guess I'm off the the Dispute Center of my paypal since this eBay seller used all the advertisement bearing Apple licenced product.