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I am using the most recent version of AU Lab (2.2.2), and in order to learn best how to use it, I am watching instructional videos on Lynda.com.  They're quite good: clear and succinct.


However, they use an older version of AU Lab and the clip indicator does not appear where the instructional video says it will, in Generator 1: Roundtrip AAC.


On the instructional video, the Roundtrip AAC effect has an "Encoded Format" dropdown menu.  Below that is a toggle button for "Audition / Listening Test" and below that, is a Monitor button where one can choose "Source" or "Encoded." Below that, is the clip indicator. 


When I open a Roundtrip AAC window in AULab 2.2.2, it looks only slightly like what I describe directly above.  It has options for "type", "encoding strategy," and "base bit rate." No choice I make brings up a clip indicator. 


And I really need a clip indicator so I can shape these files properly for digital release.


I am at a loss.


Can someone please help?


Thank you....

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)