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My wireless connectivity was never an issue until recently, probably after my update to 10.8.3.


Now I see this...

- After turning on my mbp, it can't see any wireless networks. If I go to network preferences and use the Network Name dropdown, I see all networks.

- I can pick a network, but even if I ask ththe password be remembered, it will start me over next time around.

- Once I enter the password, I can see the Wifi button going green in the left column network preferences window, *even as* it is still authenticating. The authentication fails eventually, but I am actually connected and I can start using the internet.


I tried these... with no luck.

- My wifi router has a 5GHz option. I used that one and set it to top of my preferrred network list.

- I tried to create a unqiue Location in network preferences with just my wifi network in it.

- I edited the left column in network preferences, to make sure Wifi is the first one to try before ethernet, bluetooth etc.


I did also recently change my router to Belkin. But my other devices, Lenovo laptops, Ipads, iphones, etc. have no issues.


What gives?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)