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this is a question for a friend, because obviously, i have an account to ask.


itunes account password reset because her son kept attempting to access account.

to reset password, link goes to email. however, her email was an icloud account. so it used the same log in as the itunes account.


she knows the secret question and answer to access and reset from the non-email password reset method, however, the birthday required to get to that question is inaccessible and does not work (she is a woman, and obviously lies about her age).


I'm thinking the only way around it is to either setup a new itunes account, which would erase the ipad data once that is connected ( i assume that ipads can connect with only a single account), or find some other way to access the secret question. there is no phone number listed for icloud.


the ipad is only backed up to the icloud account. she just bought a computer, so would like to make a physical backup of the ipad. I think it is unadvisable to connect the ipad and the computer, until the icloud account can be accessed.


I'm not very knowledgable of the whole icloud thing. it sounded like a good idea to back up the son's ipad since she didnt have a computer, so i gifted her the icloud account. now, i'm kind of responsible for figuring out the situation. any helpful comments and suggestions would be appreciated.