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I have an iPod Shuffle (4Gen - no screen) and just upgraded to iTunes and I can no longer get my iPod to huffle its playlist.  I have reset the iPod, I have the iPod switch in the shuffle possition, I have clicked (turned the light on) the shuffle icon at the top of the iTunes screen under the song title on the right side and unclicked the left side two arrow icon all to no avail.


The shuffle feature worked before I upgraded to iTunes or are these events unrelated?I use my iPod to swim with and this is the most frustrating feature to lose.


I am using iTunes on a Windows PC.

iPod shuffle
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,884 points)

    With a shuffle, it should not matter what you do in iTunes; if you set the shuffle's power switch to the shuffle (NOT middle) position, it should shuffle songs from the All Songs list or any playlist that you select using VoiceOver.


    When you play songs, instead of random order, what is the recognizable playback order?  Are you using the All Songs list or a playlist that you loaded?

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    Thank you for your very quick reply. I understand you but this does not work.  I have tried shuffling in iTunes and then synching, having the switch on the iPod in the regulare (non-shuffle) position and in the shuffle position.  No shuffling of songs.

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    Also, the songs are in band (alphabetical) order.

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    As I said, it should NOT matter what you do in iTunes.  If the shuffle's power switch is set to shuffle, it should shuffle during playback no matter how the songs are organized in iTunes.


    However, if the power switch is set to play-in-order, and you play from the All Songs list (and not a particular playlist), the playback order is alphabetical.  So, it seems like the shuffle is playing songs in order, no matter which position of the power switch is being used.  If that is the case, the cause could be a problem with the shuffle's software, or a problem with the power switch.


    Therefore, you may want to do a Restore on the shuffle in iTunes.  The Restore button is on the shuffle's Summary screen in iTunes. This will erase the shuffle, reinstall its software, and set it to default settings. If the cause is a software issue, the Restore will fix it. 


    If the problem is not fixed after the Restore, then the cause is likely to be related to hardware; the power switch is  indicating play-in-order, for either ON position.

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    I have RESTOREd my iPod several times but to no avail.  It is hard for me to believe the switch went bad all of a suddent when I had not used it in over a year.


    I just connected a new, out of the box, iPod shuffle (4Gen) to my iTunes and the iPod has the slider in the Shuffle and it works fine. So I think I am down to my first iPod being the problem.


    I have the original iPod (4gen) wiht the slider in the shuffle position and I will try to RESTORE it again and see how it goes.  Perhaps it's slider is malfunctioning.

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    When you say "slider," that is the power switch with the off, play-in-order, and shuffle positions, correct?  The older 2nd gen shuffle has a separate switch for setting it to shuffle or play-in-order.


    Do you use VoiceOver on the shuffle?  If you do, what happens when you load a playlist on the shuffle, and instead of playing songs from the All Songs list, you switch to a playlist using the VoiceOver button.  This document is about setting up and using VoiceOver on the shuffle




    When you switch to a specific playlist (instead of the All Songs list), and put the power switch in the shuffle position, does it play songs shuffled, or in playlist order?

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    Yes, I am refering to the off, play-in-order, and shuffle positions.  Yes, with VoiceOver I hear the differernt playlists and none are shuffled.  They play in playlist order (by artist).

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    Well, the power switch does not seem to register the ON shuffle position.  That's an odd hardware issue that I don't recall seeing here before.  Since you have another shuffle, maybe you can use the one with the misbehaving power switch for things you want to play in order, such as podcasts, audiobooks, and albums (that are are intended for in order play). 


    The standard warranty is for one year from purchase date, but I think you mentioned earlier that you did not use it "in over a year."  Even if it's out of warranty, if you have an Apple Store nearby, you may want to take it there (to the Genius Bar) to see what the Apple tech support folks think.

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    I may try that Genius Bar, thank you, good idea. 

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    Went to the Genius Bar.  They tried a number of things but to no avail.  Looks like my iPod has suffled its last song.  From now on it is in order only.


    Thank you for all of your help.



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    I just recalled a reply post I made in another topic thread...


    Your shuffle cannot "shuffle" its playlist due to this hardware issue, but it CAN play a playlist that is shuffled "in order."  So, if you load a playlist that has an intentionally shuffled playlist order, then playing it in playlist order will seem shuffled.  This is the topic thread, with relevant post toward the end.