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Can some one lemme know of any wireless head phones for Ipod Nano . I have the ipod nano Black but dont exactly know which generation of Ipod it is ?

I am getting the Logitech Wireles Headset for 20 $ but have heard that they are not totally compatible ? Can anyone suggest ?

Here is the Logitech Wireless Number.
and compatibility Information

For use with any Apple iPod with Stereo Minijack and Remote Connector plugs, including:

iPod photo
iPod mini
iPod U2 Special Edition
4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel
3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons
NOTE: iPod video is not supported

Ibm Think Pad, Windows XP
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    i have the same 1 and im pretty sure its 5th generation and im also sure about this. any headphones you want work i use watva ones i find first yet they all work
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    have the ipod nano Black but dont exactly know which generation of Ipod it is ?

    It has no generation. It is simply the Nano.
    I don't beleive these headphones will work as it probably requires the Remote connector on top of the iPod.
    The Nano and the video(5G) do not have these connectors on top.
  • Daniel Fishkin Level 1 (45 points)
    :)!! A FELLOW WOOT.com MEMBER! hello! there is a 50/50 chance it will not work. the minijack wich you see on all other ipods like the mini or 4g and lower is not included on the ipod video or nano, on the other hand- that might just disable the control of the pause and play features located on the side of the headphones. that is the only reason i didnt get one for myself. i dont think it will work but it might
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    It won't work because it won't fit. It has the extra plug which prevents it from even fitting onto the video.
  • tpodell140 Level 3 (685 points)
    Chris is right. On top of older iPods and the mini, there was a second port next to the headphone jack. This was used for accessories, either as input or output. The nano and video do not have it, and run accessories through the dock connector, which is a completely different port and is not compatible with the remote connector.

    Why don't you look for a different set of wireless headphones? They don't have to be specifically for the iPod. Most sets have a transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack of your nano.

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    Thanks for the reply !!
    I was a bit confused with the contradictory views .
    The reason I was looking for them cos they were coming cheap at 20 bucks .

    Do u know of anything similar ..

    My requirement is for them to work with my Ipod Nano... I dunno wht wireless they use and later on can it extend to wireless laptops or any other systems offering suitable connectors to interface with the transmitter ...
  • tpodell140 Level 3 (685 points)
    Any pair of wireless headphones that have a transmitter using a standard headphone jack will work. They'll also work in anything with a headphone port.