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i have been using the time capsule 4th generation with my home network but my connectivity seems to sometimes disconnect atleast with my macbook pro i always seem to be having to go place my cursor on the wifi logo to keep it consistent? i could jsut try and continue but really want a simple fast direction in what to do and how to configure this so that i only have access to my time capsule and network while my family may have access to the arris time warner cable network... ive heard of bridging and have had it so that my router be a bridge. whats the benefit and actual meaning of bridging in lame terms? i understand that bridging means it just runs internet through that device... so that device isnt setting any ip adresses? anywho ive messed around with the twcale internet site a bit hope i havent messed up too much. when i called time warner cable today they said they could only assist me with the arris side and not advise me with time capsule config... now i want to call apple but it seems i have to pay to call them? wow. and i bought the time capsule and best buy and was on hold for 10 minutes while being hung up rght when i seemed to be about to be helped. oh joys. anywho... help please?

Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    We recently switched back to TWC here in the valley, att was horrible.  We get 22.6 download and 2.24 uploads usually, however...we too have been having issues with the internet becoming sluggish throughout the day, not just at peak usage times.  We have 2 computer plugged in directly and 3 others wireless but not on at the same time all the time. 


    I haven't gone into the Arris this time around, but am thinking there are settings that are screwed up.  We have been using the Time Capsule's wireless connection and it is terribly slow.  I'm not sure if there is a problem with the settings there or what. 


    Anyone, anyone, Beuler, Beuler?