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I am new to Aperture and have been using it for a week or so now. Today I tried to add GPS data to a number of images and found out, it appears Aperture can only add GPS data to one image at the time. When I select multiple images to add the GPS data to, it just doesn't do anything. It leaves the GPS data blank.


Here is what I do:

  • From the Info-tab I select "GPS" from the drop down menu
  • At the bottom of the info tab I show the map
  • In the map's search box I enter the location I want to assign to the photo(s)
  • From the resulting drop down menu I select the locatiion I want and press the "assign to location" button


As long as I choose only a single image, this works fine and the GPS Data is added. Not so when I select more than a single image. After pressing the "assign to location" button it seems as if the GPS data is added (there is no message indicating otherwise), but the GPS data in the selected images is blank.


What am I doing wrong ?


Additional info


I have been testing this a bit more and the behavior is even more strange: When you select multiple images in Aperture, they get a thin white border, except the one that you touch last (normally the last image of the selection) that will have a thicker border around it. It appears that, when selecting multiple images, the GPS data is ONLY assigned to the photo in the selected setthat has the thicker border (?????)


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Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Do you have Primary Only set? If this is set only the primary selection (the image with the thick boarder) is affected.


    See Aperture->Edit->Primary Only or look at the lower righthand side of the display the icon with the 1 is Primary Only.


    Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.39.06.png

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    See this User Tip for an explanation of the "Primary Only" flag, that Frank Caggiano mentions  - the thicker border you are describing is marking the "Primary Selection":


                     Keywords or ratings are applied only to one of the selected images - why?

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    Thank you guys, for answering this. Unfortunately your suggestion does not apply in my case, because I do not have "Primary Only" selected. Moreover, when I e.g. apply keywords to a selected set of images they are applied to all of them, so that works as it should. So far only GPS data does not behave correctly. Fortunately it is possible to use Lift & Stamp, but it should not be necessary.


    I have filed a bug report

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    Rereading your post, I think the problem is, that you are assigning the location from the Info panel and not from the Metadata menu. The Info panel and the Metadata menu ar behaving differently.

    The Info panel will always only affect the primary selection, but the Metadata menu will work on all selected images (unless "Primary only" is checked). So , if you want to assign your location to multiple images, use "Metadata > Assign location" instead of the little map in the "Info" panel.


    Or use the "Places" view. Then you can drag all images at once to the same pin on the map.




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    Thanks a lot, LeonieDF. This is exactly what I was looking for.