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I just bought an Epson L355 and cannot connect it via WiFi. The Epson support person came and still nothing. Anyone else have this problem? Have downloaded all the recent drivers. WiFi connected to my MacBook.  Nothing happens to connect my laptop and the printer.

iBookG4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hey there BaliBlah,


    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!

    Based on what you describe here I would recommend this troubleshooting found here Troubleshooting printer issues in OS X http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3147.



    1. Make sure that the printer is powered on, has ink / toner, and that there are no alerts on the printer’s control panel. Note: If you cannot clear an alert on the printer's control panel, stop here and check the printer's documentation or contact the manufacturer for support.
    2. Ensure the printer is properly connected to a USB port on the Mac or AirPort base station / Time Capsule. If the printer is a network-capable printer, make sure that it is properly connected to your home network.
    3. Use Software Update to find and install the latest available updates. If an update is installed, see if the issue persists.
    4. Open the Print & Scan pane or Print & Fax (Snow Leopard) pane in System Preferences.
    5. Delete the affected printer, then add the printer again.

    If the issue persists, try these additional steps:

    1. Reset the printing system, then add the printer again.
    2. If the issue still persists, reset the printing system again.  Download and install your printer's drivers. Then, add the printer again.
    3. Contact the printer vendor or visit their website for further assistance.


    Take care,


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    Hi Sterling

    Thanks for the reply about my Epson problem. However, it still doesn't work. Have spent up to 15 hours over 3 days trying. Have had the Epson Tech guy to my house. Have been on the phone with the head of Tech in Jakarta for Epson, Have downloaded many things, Software Updates, new configurations, drivers. Followed many different instructions sent to me.  BTW, I am not a novice with either Macs or installing printers.


    But still can't get it to work. Am going to return it tomorrow. But for the sake of the Apple Support Community and Epson (I guess) the Epson L355 cannot be connected by WiFi to my MacBook Pro running 10.7.


    In brief (believe me!) when I go through all the steps using a USB for set-up, it says "Connection Failed" and then gives me a list of Troubleshooting issues. None of them apply, i.e. yes my USB is plugged in, yes the WiFi router is working, etc. I "Try Again" and again and again. The red-orange light keeps flashing. Sometimes both the green and red light keep flashing but never do I get a solid GREEN nor just a GREEN flashing- the red is always there.


    The printer works fine if I print using the USB cable.


    So something is missing. According to the sales person where I bought it this is a relatively new printer. I think I already wrote that I live on Bali and I think they are even made in Indonesia. 


    So, beware to MacBook Pro users on 10.7 you are shopping for an Epson.

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    I  have epson and having no issues connecting to wifi,how did you start first b4 plug to mac,first always just plug epson printer to power only, installed inks when request to do so and then when this done ,u then go to menu  go find say wizard this is for connecting wifi and will ask u passwords from ur router ,u should know the code and when u hav done this then this  scanning to track ur signals and when its complete and then u plug ur printer to mac,do not use epson driver(cd) provide,let mac do their own driver automatic then ur done.

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    Hi BaliBlah,


    Greetings from Phuket. I just wanted to let you know that I bought this printer (I have an iMac and MacBookPro) and the salesman told me that I had to download OSX software from the Internet because the CD was only Windows software. So I played around with various downloads and had the same problems you did all weekend. Nothing worked. I, like you, tried everything. The printer worked with USB but the WiFi would not connect no matter what I tried. And there is no LCD screen on this printer so you can't set it up manually the way I have done with other printers in the past.


    So I called Epson support in Bangkok this morning and they sent me the installation guide and it said use the CD. So, I tried the CD and duh, it's for both Mac and Windows. The salesman was wrong.


    I ran the installation CD from my MacBookPro running OS 10.8.5, it took about 10 minutes, and it works perfectly. The directions were step by step, clear, and correct. It told me when to unplug the USB and then it whirled around and gave me a success window.


    The scanner works perfectly too. To use it from my iMac running 10.6.8 all I did was add it as a Bonjour printer in my system preferences. That took 30 seconds. Done.


    I hope this helps. Good luck as it's a great printer.





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    Just solved this issue with my Epson L355.  It is simpler than you suggested.  After finishing the setup add the printer manually.  For details follow this link  http://www.fixya.com/support/t8273786-printer_will_not_work_wifi

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    Hello! I had the same problem with the printer, it only printed when wanted. The solution was to redo the installation of the printer stating directly the ip address. On the front panel of the printer there is a button that, when triggered, prints all configuration data, including the ip address. Use this information to configure. I did this setup and the problem was solved.

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    It worked before i even knew it. I mean i just unplugged the USB cable and re-added the printer in the "System Peferences-Print Fax"

    I can even scan via wifi. A few years ago certain brands of printers could print via wifi but not scan.

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    I feel stupid for messing with this for 30 mins before just reading your post and doing the same thing. Easy and painless. Why didn't they just tell us this in the first place??