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I suddenly ran out of disk space on my Mac Book Pro. I saved everything to an external hard drive minuse some photos and music (around 132gb worth) and deleted everything I saved (then emptyed trash before anyone asks). This was a good 100gb or so, and I totaly thout is would solve the problem. But when I looked again I say their is about 160 gb worth of "other" on my hd and I can not for the life of me find it. I only have 816Mb left on my hd.


Can anyone tell me what is causing this and how I can fix it? Thanks!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    if you have any ios device backups on the mac they can take up the "other" space


    also i would get info on the user mail folder in finder, there may be recovered messages building up in there taking up the space.

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    Iheartapple1970, to answer your questions about ios device's. I have two iPhones and two ipads, I didnt take them into consideration.


    I have also looked at the mail app every way I know how and can barly find it taking up a gb. if their is something I am missing please let me know.


    this dosent explane how I can delet 100 or so gb of data, empty trash then restart computer and still have no space left.


    Thanks for the response!

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    sometimes it may be necessary to reindex the HD on the mac so that it properly calculates what is taking up space on the drive. the following article tells how to do this:




    after this is completed go back into the storage information and see if the numbers have changed any.


    also to check the size of the mail folder, open a finder window, then on the main menu bar (at the top) click on the word go and hold down the option key on the keyboard, (this makes the word "library" show up in the drop down) select library


    now in the finder window it should show you all the files within your user library, find the mail folder and control click on it to get a drop down menu, from the drop down choose "get info" in the top right corner of the small window that opens it will show you the size of this folder,


    if it is extremely large open the mail folder by doubleclicking on it and then look for something inside that says recovered messages and delete that.


    regarding the ios backups: while you are in the user library, find the application support folder and inside of that you will see a mobile sync folder and within that are the backups from the ios devices. get info on this the same as the mail folder and see how large it is and decide how to handle accordingly.


    let me know if you need any further help as i'm happy to assist!

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    Thanks for all the advice and possible options, but non of them really helped me.


    First, I went to the mail folder within library just as you shoed me and it is using less then a gb. the recovered mail folder itself had nothing in it.


    Then I went to the IOS backup devices within the library as you showed me and it was 32 gb. 32 plus 91gb photos plus 32gb music plus somewhere under 5gb worth of other personal data 32+91+32+5=160.


    I then reindexed my HD using the link you gave me then restarted my computer and it is just the same.


    I am open to any more suggestions. Thanks for your help so far!

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    Ok ok, sorry I spoke too soon. I restarted my computer again and it went thru a data recovery process and when it came back I had 74gb free.


    I think it was the reindexing of my HD that helped.


    Thanks for all your help!