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OSX 10.8.4


I recently moved and during the move updated airport utility to 6.3.1. Now it tells me that it doesn't work with my 1st gen airport express however Apple's own support document says explicity that it should http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1998. Has anyone else run into problems with airport utility 6.3.1 and 1st gen express?


My hope/suspicion is that the airport's firmware needs to be updated before it is compatible? However, if the airport utility doesn't work how can I test this hypothesis?


FYI the airport express is connected to the router via ethernet cable, has a solid green light and is selectable from the WI-FI drop-down menu under the section "New Airport Base Station". The trouble begins when I select it from this menu which prompts Airport utility to open and then tells me it's not supported.


Much appreciation to anyone who can help!