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MacBook Pro

OS X Lion 10.7.5

Safari version - 6.0.5


Started several days ago, Safari and Chrome will not load any web pages giving an error message "Cannot find Server". When I shut down and boot Mac in Safe Mode, Safari will then load the we pages.


Can anyone help on the possible cause and resolution?


Note: Apologies for the community selection, it doesn't have many options other than iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.


Many thanks, in advance.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Safari version 6.0.5
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    Did some further investigation on the communities website, another discussion/question provided possible cause cause, followed discussion and resolved my own issue. Link below to reference discussion is provided below:




    Note: credit to BDAqua and SharkDog, many thanks.



    I had Peerguaurdian installed, I removed an entry related to Peerguardian from LaunchDaemons and/or Startup Items and/or PreferencePanes under Library, instructions below:


    - Finder > Devices > (Username) > Hard Drive > Library folder

    - Go to each of the folders "LaunchDaemons", "StartupItems", and "PreferencePanes", expand each folder using arrow to the left of folders

    - look for unusual application titles (in my case it was *peerguardian*)

    - dual finger click on line item, menu will appear.

    - select "Move to Trash"

    - reboot Mac


    Hope this helps.