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I have a Macbook (not Pro but the old Aluminium model they used to have 5 years ago) which has lasted a very long time however I decided to upgrade to a MacBook Air. I had backed up my old Macbook using Time Machine onto an external hard drive. Once the backup was completed, I connected the external hard drive to my new MacBook air, I opened up Migration Assistant and followed all the steps accordingly:


  • Chose the "transfer from mac, pc..." etc. option.
  • Entered my login
  • Closed all applications open
  • Chose to transfer using Time machine option
  • Selected what I wanted to migrate (the 'other documents etc.' option
  • Clicked continue to allow Migration Assistant to transfer files


However at this point, the transfer didn't continue as a pop up named "incompatible software" appeared telling me some of my files weren't transfered because they weren't compatible with my computer. I then had to "quit" Migration Assistant. How to do I continue on from this stage and back up?


Thank you!

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