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Connection could not be established. I have verified settings, repaired permissions, restarted several times.  same message every time. My website has been hosted through GoDaddy for several years with no problem. Worked with their tech support and everything was good on their side. I am hoping Old Toad will know what I need.


There is a separate message I get that I wonder if it is connected. Everytime I start up the machine, I get the message:

"Insecure startup item disabled /library/startupitem/HPtrapmonitor does not have proper security settings."


These two problems appeared about the same time.  Could they be connected?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 27 inch, Mid2011, 2.7 Ghz Intel Cor
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    I tried all this tonight:

    1. Quit the application,

    2. Make backup of Domain file on flash drive. (home/library/app.support/iweb/domain)

    3. Drag Domain to trash. Empty trash.

    3. Delete the iWeb preference file. (This file is located in your user library in your Home Folder. The path is - Home Folder/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iWeb.plist

    and drag file to trash.)


    4. Also delete com.apple.iWeb.plist.lockfile. Empty trash.

    5. Open ~Library/Application Support/iweb/

    6.  Move the backup Domain file from thumb drive to iWeb folder (above).


    7. tried to publish - still won't publish to Go-Daddy.

    8. at the top of the page creation list on your iWeb page should be the name of your website. Click on it to open the "site publishing settings".  Under publishing, click on arrow for Publish to:  Choose "local folder" and publish to a folder on your Mac.


    9.  That worked.  Now what do I do?

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    Put the folder on the server.

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    For the problem: "Insecure startup item disabled /library/startupitem/HPtrapmonitor does not have proper security settings."


    The google solution was:

    Click the Go menu and then click Computer,

    open Library > Startup Items

    Right click (CTRL+Left from your Mac keyboard) the HP IO folder and click Get Info

    Under Sharing & Permissions the following:

    System = Read & Right

    Wheel = Read Only

    Everyone = Read Only

    Click the Gear icon and choose to Apply to all enclosed items and approve.

    Reboot your Mac and check if the message has gone now.


    I am on system 10.7.5 - I have never seen the GO menu.  Also, cannot find the "startup items" either manually or with a search. Any further suggestions?

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    You said -- "Put the folder on the Server."


    How do I do that?

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    I have never seen the GO menu


    Click on the Desktop and look up at the menu bar at the top:

    "Put the folder on the Server."

    You'll need to use a 3rd party FTP client like Cyberduck that displays the server in a Finder like window.  That allows you to drag and drop the folder onto the server.  You'll need to use the same login information, user name, password and server address as you'd use in iWeb. Customer Support can give you those if you don't have them.



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    A lot of times problems like these can be caused by have a space character or line break in your FTP settings that are often hard to see.


    You should select each FTP field and go to Edit and then Select All. Then press delete and type your FTP details again, do not copy and paste because you may be copying and pasting an extra space character.

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    Thanks so much OT. You solved the "GO" menu problem.  Made me GO "Duhhhhhh".

    Guess I had NEVER clicked on the desktop and noticed a different menu line before!



    I did download cyberduck but couldn't get it to work. Called GoDaddy again (another 2 hours on the phone) and finally downloaded filezilla. It worked but ... took hours to upload the publish folder to the server and when it did, it was a bunch of GARBAGE.


    So started over, deleted the plist files etc. ran permissions repair, made unpublished iWeb force quit, restarted the machine. Then ran publish entire site through iWeb ... AND IT WORKED!


    Of course I still don't know exactly what fixed it but I learned a lot about the process so all education is good (even though I did say a few bad words under my breath along the way.)  Thanks so much for your help.