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Hi i have been having lots of trouble with safari. I have not been able to close it and even start it upp again. I have tried shuting down restarting but it wont let me do any of that because i am not able to close down safari. I am scared and need help fast.

MacBook Pro, need help immediately
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    Tru force quitting Safari..


    Press  Command + Option + Esc on your keyboard then select Safari from the Force Quit window then click Force Quit.


    If you could quit Safari and have problems again, try troubleshooting extensions and third party plug-ins.


    From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab. Turn that off if there are any installed. Quit and relaunch Safari to test. If that helped, turn extensions back on then uninstall one a time to test.


    If it's not an extensions issue, try troubleshooting third party plug-ins.


    Back to Safari > Preferences. This time select the Security tab. Deselect:  Allow all other plug-ins. Quit and relaunch Safari to test.


    If that made a difference, instructions for troubleshooting plugins here.


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