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First up I have just noticed this HD thing and it's possible that this is why I can't see and download the season purchased, but strange that no message popped up to notify me of the incompatibility?


I am not sure if this is cload related, iTunes related, or blonde moment related.


Ok so I am using a MacBook Pro 13" the only mac product I own and use my iTunes for.


In the available downloads there are double ups of the previously purchased and watched episode from only this show (The O.C. if that's of any relevance?) not the other shows I have purchased through iTunes and not the latest season I have just purchased.


There also seems to be an issue with the display of the media - not sure how to explain but as I have purchased the different seasons, the latest season image is usually the icon and background theme when looking at the episode lists. At the moment it is just a blank white background with the TV image.



Hoping this is just the HD thing and not something worse but any advice or insite would be appreciated. Thanks.

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