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When I geocode a photo using the GPS panel in the Info section, the location sometimes defaults to a place that has no relation to the point where I have placed the pin. Any ideas on what is causing this?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Probably there are multiple, overlapping locations. Aperture tries to pick the most likely place name.

    You can select alternate location names from the pop-up menu below the gears icon in the upper right corner of the panel, for example:

    Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.37.11MESZ.PNG




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    I have tried that, to no avail. The only way I can correct the location is to go into Places and then use the blue circle to name the location. While that works, it is a tedious solution to something that should not do what it is doing in the GPS Panel.

    No matter what LOcation I click on from the gears icon, it defaults to whatever it decides.

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    Do we have the same Aperture versions? I am using Aperture 3.4.5, and for me this is working well.


    Actually, I prefer to do the places assignment on the Places map. That makes it easier to assign  the same place to multiple images at once.


    But if the place you select from the gear pop-up menu does not stick, your Aperture library may need repairing. Have you tried to repair the permissions and/or the database with the First Aid Tools? (Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library: Aperture 3 User Manual)

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    Thanks Leonie. I am using the same version and I can change the locations in the Places map,but I was hoping to not have to do that. When I type in the location to search for the place to grocode it, it comes up with the correct address/location, but as soon as I move it at all, it changes to the default. I have now worked out how to remove that default - via Manage My Places in Metadata, but that hasn't really solved the problem.

    I accept your advice that the best/only place to properly assign a location is in the Places map, using the blue circle.

    I have repaired Aperture using the First Aid Tools.

    Thanks again for your interest and help.

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    Here is another example, on a wider scale. The issue here is the mysterious 5600 Leesburg Pike. According to the map softare in Aperture (3.5.1 now) this street address is all over Northern VA, DC and MD. Northern VA includes suburbs such as Alexandria, Manassass, Woodbridge, Dale City, Stafford, MetroRail, etc. Some pictures had iphone GPS while others were taken with a Nikon without GPS. Images were either originally correct GPS, or moved to the location on the map by dragging the image into the map to create the pin (when the map was zoomed in as close to the ground as possible.) Much later, the set of images across various projects now have pins with the same labeled street address.


    When using the location menus to select locations (if there are multiple locations), these are also not correct. The list of options appear realated to the contents of the project afected, and do not provide the correct street address for the label. Removing the pin and replacing the pin does not alter the label either. This is the true 5600 Leesburg Pike.jpg


    The above is the only correct location for 5600 Leesburg pike


    The following are a subset of those labeled incorrectly as 5600 Leesburg Pike:


    wrong names on pins - 5600 leesburg pike copy.jpg

    wrong names on pins - 5600 leesburg pike all over Potomac Mills Mall.jpg

    The above is Potomac Mills Mall, Woodbridge, VA.


    wrong names on pins - 3340 Elm Farm Road in 5 locations 1 correct 4 wrong.jpg

    This is another street address that is wrong, in Dale City/Woodbridge, VA.


    wrong names on pins - 5600 leesburg pike on blue line metro rail tracks.jpg

    Here, 5600 Leesburg Pike is located on many points on the Blue Line of DC's Metrorail

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    Is this a known problem for multiple people?


    Can you confirm that "5600 Leesburg Pike" is an address and not a Place?  Open the "Manage My Places" dialog via "Metadata➞Manage My Places ... ".  If "5600 Leesburg Pike" is listed, select it.  Is it, perchance, a huge blue circle?  If so, make is _much_ smaller.


    Post back.