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When i exported my video the first time, it took the usual time, around 2 - 3 hours to export from FCP then another 2 - 3 hours in compressor. I made a mistake and had to re-edit part of my film and now exporting is taking 60 hours! i have no idea what the problem is, i havent changed anything other than add a couple of different edits, the length is still the same.


Why does this happen? this is not the first time this has happeneded to me.



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
  • Pauly78 Level 1 (5 points)

    is there something you should you do after rendering and exporting the first time? like delete render files or something? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you might have more problems than just the second export time .... 2 to 3 hours to export from FCP doesn't sound normal at all. There are many variables that determine export time, including (but not limited to) the method used when exporting, the duration of the exported video, the codec of the exported video and of course, processor speed and system resources.  But you've told us none of that so we'll have to guess.


    Under normal circumstances, it shouldn't take 2 to 3 hours to export from FCP unless your Sequence wasn't rendered and/or you're using the "QuickTime Conversion" export method and/or the media in your Sequence isn't in a format that FCP works with natively.  If you're going to use Compressor, the normal method would be to export a "QuickTime Movie" and make it self-contained or just a reference movie.  Or you can just export to (or send to) Compressor.


    As to why it's claiming 60 hours for the second export I really can't say ... but I've found that if you reboot the computer and then export, the time is greatly reduced.  Why?  I'm somewhat clueless as to why, but I assume the reboot clears out old swap files and system cache making the data flow faster.


    Also note that you can speed up Compressor quite a bit by distributing the process among available cores.



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    i have used the denoiser filter on quite a few clips where its dark and grainy, but that was the case the first time round aswell. I did know the trick to reboot, ive tried that and it hasnt helped. I just cant understand how it took the usual time..( im not sure of the exact time, i just leave it to do it, it did say about 54 mins but usually it tends to go up steadily then come back down) to export as quicktime movie, which is what i always do, then i take it into compressor afterwards, ive found this gives slightly better quality. But i cant for the life of me figure out what to do. Do you think deleting all the render files will help?

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    PS, settings are 1080i, pro res 422, the duration of video is just under 90 mins, im using a mac pro 2009 model quad core processor, with 10GB RAM im not sure of processor speed as im not on it right now. But its got the factory fitted processor and also factory fitted graphics card. The only thing ive upgraded is memory.


    This has happened before, as i said, but i discovered the reboot, trick, im at a loss this time.

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    Deleting all of the render files would only increase the export time because the rendering would become part of the export process.  The only way to avoid that would be to send an unrendered Sequence to Compressor directly and Compressor would have to do the rendering (thus increasing Compressor's export time).


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    so am i right in saying, if i render everything first, then export it takes alot less time to do the actual export?  the reason i ask is because i tend to render things as im going with not being able to see things play through properley until its rendered, i just do it when needed as i like to know how things look straight away. i havent a clue about all the technical stuff.

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       In your other post you say that you have a denoiser filter on your clips. Did you do a full render including audio before you exported ?

    Just for the **** of it, remove the filter and try exporting again.