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I no longer have the email address associated with my icloud and I cannot remember the security questions. That or I just cant remember how I typed them in. I want to change my password to my account because it has been comprimised. How do I do this without the email address that the retrieval goes to and forgetting those questions! I dont want to have to start a brand new account either because I just bought anohter $100 worth of storage!

  • pvonk Level 6 Level 6

    If you can't remember the answers to the security questions, then go to Express Lane  and select 'iTunes' from the list of 'products' in the middle of the screen.


    Then select 'iTunes Store', and on the next screen select 'Account Management'


    Next choose 'iTunes Store Account Security' and fill in that you'd like your security questions/answers reset.


    You should get an email reply within about 24 hours (and check your Spam folder as well as your Inbox) - but some recent posts are saying that Apple have temporarily suspended the reseting of security question/answers whilst account security processes are improved, so it may take longer.

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    pvonk is close.



    After account management, select lost or forgotten Apple ID password.  This can only be resolved through a phone call, not email.

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    That information about suspension is outdated by one year, just give them call - they ll help you, if they can.