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WHY  as soon as I searched the Terms , about INK PREF PANE.... HEre in community'

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MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G
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    Screenshot not showing, but I imagine that it is InkWell

    This is an OS function that allows Pen Input from a recognized Tablet device

    h/ope this helped


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    Thank You for answering,But I am asking this:

      There was a  small pane   ,it could draw or write?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  ,a Tablet floating thing that was  floating and I could see it in my LAUNCHPAD AREA....and it could be selected as I can other software/app  programs.....    well, This would show up, JUST LIKE I can select stickeys"  

    BUT , it was hone,I went to spotlight,searched for INK....and INK PREF came up,AND I am not allowed to see or use it,it says it is not avaialable at this TIME!?  so is APPLE NOT ALLOWING ME TO USE MY STUFF?

    IS THERE Someplace that will explain in way I can understand?

    HELP ME..wasting days and weeks on BS on my awful macair!


    Top it off, My OLD 2008, simotaniously  went BLACK,it runs but no back light, if it lights up for 30 seconds Im lucky I JUST purchased a new battery and new power supply ,is what I thought why it was Black..then realized was running ,all my art is on it and such! DAG NABBIT!


    but MAC AIR IS about 1 yr old? I forget I have IPAD 2  64 GB   I WISH I NEVER GOT THIS AWFULL AIR..


    I am having so much troubble with my MAC AIR,I WISH I NEVER PURCHASED THIS!

    and I went a gave in to use CHROME....so I can use PICMONKEY" a editing thing, I found off spoonflower, and

    FLASH wont work,and ...is why I reallowed myself to use CHROME..


    well I went to use it the Other day


    I got so upset I WENT AND CHANGED EVER VALUE I could.


    I do not know why I see that MAN page The

    text edits with BASH..... and

    then a small rectangle,and if I select it it  splits????

    and the choices are like MAN


    and such, Then IT would not react how it did for me so as I could show my Husband.... and I remeber reading about the Keyboard so I used the onscreen one which is NOW GONE!????

    and   when I chose arrows it showed  things,like paths......


    IT seems I am in something like DOS    LINUIX?

    and Other FORRESTY TYPE things


    of which I am not a computer scientist...

    HELP ME pLEase tell me what to do.


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    The ink function is ONLY available if you have an appropriate and compatible device attached that will use it. Then you should be able to see an icon for it in System Preferences and the floating window may appear. Additionally, it has only limited functionality.


    I'm not sure about the rest of your problems as your post is not quite clear. Also, please do not use caps - it makes it much harder to read and is considered shouting on the internet.


    If you want to post an image/screenshot, you need to use the camera icon in the toolbar of the reply window - the only way it will work here.