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I am trying to change my apple id to a hotmail email. the password was updated (changed), yet the iPhone comes bach telling me that the password is incorrect. Love to have an answer. Thanks.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, change appleid
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    I had followed instructions on that web site however, the suggested changes, even though they took place on my computer, they had no impact on my iPhone.

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    Why are you trying to chnge the email of the Apple ID? Did you have any issue with the email you had before? Provide a lil' bit more detail so we can look for a better answer.... Does it give you any error message when you try to chnge it?

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    I have an applid of ...@att.net. I updated the password on it an was able to actually read messages sent to that email. I prefer my hotmail account with microsoft. All emails work fine when used on my desktop. I added this email to my emails on the iPhone but everytime I try to do an update to my apps, it asks me for a password showing this @att.net email wanting a password. I type in the password which I know is now correct, yet it tells me that the password is incorrect.

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    First, Thanks for the details.

    Second, Have you try resetting the password of the Apple ID??

    Third, Hotmail is about to disappear and all Hotmail acct will become Outlook. Besides I FOUND OUT THAT HOTMAIL/LIVE/OUTLOOK SERVICES ARE DOWN DUE MICROSOFT ISSUES. EVERY ONE HERE IS WONDERING WHEN THEY WILL FIX IT HOWEVER THEY HAVE NOT POSTED ANY ANSWER YET..... THEIR ISSUE COULD BE PART OF THE REASON WHY YOU CANNOT USE YET YOUR HOTMAIL ACCT..... CLICK http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx and check if they have any update.

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    Thanks, sounds very plausable. While waiting for an answer I followed an idea I had:

    trying to update it shows the wrong email address (the one I am trying to get rid off) wanting a password for that.

    I just bought another apps and saw that it shows the new email as my appleid and responds positive after I entered the password. I think that the "old" appl id is associated with those previously bought apps.


    BTW, I have converted to OUTLOOK id's.