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I have downloaded several apps from passbook (United.com, Delta.com, REI.com).  All three showed up as separate apps on my iphone but only REI appears in my passbook.  I have deleted the app United.com and reinstalled it through passbook to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hi judsonfromrichmond,


    This may be expected behavior and you may need to take additional steps in the other app.  Here's an article about Passbook:


    iOS: Using Passbook


    Adding passes

    You can add passes to Passbook in several ways, such as:

    • Passbook-enabled apps: When you buy tickets, check in for a flight, or add a card through an iOS app, the app will offer or prompt you to add a pass to Passbook. To view a list of featured Passbook-enabled apps on your device, select the Welcome pass in Passbook and tap "Apps for Passbook". You can also click or tap this link to view the list in the iTunes Store: http://itunes.com/passbookapps.
    • Mail or Messages: Passes can be sent as attachments or links via email or Messages, and you can add them to Passbook by tapping or clicking on them. Example: An email confirming your flight could include your boarding pass as a Passbook-enabled attachment.
    • Web browser: Websites or webmail can also include passes as attachments or links. You can click or tap these links to add them to Passbook


    - Ari

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    Thanks Ari but all of the apps WERE obtained directly from Passbook's list of "Apps for Passbook".  Each were selected in Passbook with each (United.com, REI.com, Delta.com) app showing up outside of Passbook as separate apps.  I logged onto each app and only REI appeared in my Passbook.  Its my understanding that Passbook is supposed to be a single location for all of the approved apps.  This WASN'T the case though.  United.com and Delta.com's apps did not have any selection which allowed me to activate their sites in Passbook.  REI on the other hand did have an "opt in" selection.


    I deleted the United & Delta apps and started the process all over again within Passbook.  I scrolled down Passbook's selection of apps that they work with and again selected United & Delta.  Again these apps were downloaded OUTSIDE OF PASSBOOK but do not show up inside of Passbook.


    I travel abroad a lot and it would be convenient to be able to click on Passbook to see my tickets or airline changes in one place instead of clicking on to a separate United or Delta app and trying to remember my passwords ect. ect.


    Any thoughts would be great Ari.

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    Hi judsonfromrichmond,


    Thanks for the reply and information. Due to the nature of your issue you may find more information by using another one of Apple's support resources:




    Additionally you may want to reach out to the individual companies to determine how they have designed their app to work with Passbook.




    - Ari