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Hello! Hope u guys can help me with these few questions. I have been so "BLESSED" to receive an iphone 3gs that belonged to a very special lady that passed away. She and her family we have known and would see all my life growing up. Her son wanted me to have it. I am honored and very touched to receive this. It is currently deactivated, until we are able to activate it, but fully charged. It is an iphone 3gs & running under the version of 4.2.1. My first question is, can anyone tell me best place to go online to download the version IOS 5? Also, wanted to ask if I can then download IOS 6? you cannot access many apps without IOS 5 or later I have discovered. Last question is what is the best way to upgrade to an iphone 5 with no money involved? Crazy question I know and may not be possible. We are currently with straight talk. Love the call range, but are interested in seeking out other mo. to mo. plans with other companies to compare.we have a couple of older phones that are thru straight talk. We have been with straighttalk/phones and  mo to mo plans for years now. Have been thru some major problems with hardly no one speaking English to be able to help you with phone issues, and also have even had one of our phone numbers given away to another person while we were under paid unlimited 30 day plan half way thru the month! We need the very cheapest way to do this.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.2
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    1. There's only one way; update it from iTunes on a computer, which will update it directly to 6.1.3. Note that if it's an iPhone 3G and not an iPhone 3GS, it can't be updated further.

    2. None.



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    If it's running iOS 4.2.1, chances are it is not an iPhone 3GS. It is more likely an iPhone 3G. The 3G can not run anything higher than 4.2.1.


    IF it is a 3GS, you can update it to iOS 6.1.3 by plugging it into your computer running iTunes. It should detect that there is a newer version available and allow you to update.


    Before you start thinking about what carrier you're going to use, you need to find out if the phone is carrier locked or not. More than likely, it's locked to AT&T, meaning you have no choices of carriers other than AT&T. ONLY AT&T can unlock the phone. If you are not the original owner of the phone, it's unlikely they will do so. AT&T does not allow iPhones on their pre-paid plans. Only on post paid plans, and they require a data package. Given that the iPhone 4, which is 2 generations newer than the phone you have, is free with a 2 year contract, I don't see why you would even bother with the 3G at this point. It's obsolete. It has been discontinued for several years, and it is about to fall even further behind when iOS 7 comes out in a few months.


    As for upgrading to an iPhone 5 with no money involved... It's not going to happen. Not unless you want to risk going to jail. Why do you think you would be able to upgrade to an iPhone 5 for free?