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I recently purchased a Canon MX-922 printer and I've posted this question in Canon's forum as well but no assistance. My hope here is to find someone else that has had a similar problem and was able to resolve it.


Allegedly their software is supported on 10.8.4 which I am currently  using on a Mac Mini and WiFi is being used. There is no hard wired connection between the printer and the Mac.


At the onset, this printer will print docs created on the Mac. it will Scan providing the native Print / Scan (as found in System Preferences) is used. So we can rule out communication issues. On a side note it can be pinged as well.


However, note the following errors when using My Image Garden, Quick Menu and the Canon lj Scan Utility (all Canon software). The Canon Network Tool does recognize the printer (as it should since it is present).


The CD supplied with the MX-922 would not load, so I had to pull down the latest softrware from Canon's site. This was done on 15-AUG-13.


Again, any input greatly appreciated and many thanks!




Canon error.jpeg

Canon LG Scan Utility Error.jpeg

Quick Menu Error.jpeg

Network Tool Locating Printer.jpeg

Mac Mini
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    Hi Ron,


    I have an MX926 in the office that I can test on 10.8.4 tomorrow and get back to you.


    Note that I have used the IJ Scan Utility with an MG6360 on 10.8.4 without issue. But I've never used Image Garden or Quick Menu (which I think was previously called Solution Menu), so will test and report back.


    Have you tried using any of these applications when the MX is connected to the Mac when connected via USB? I'm wondering if it is more of a network issue rather than an application issue.

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    Many thanks, that would be greatly apprecaited! I have not tried connecting via USB. I am at a loss to understand why only the Canon Network Utility is working and the other applications stating the printer is not connected when I can print and scan natively. :-/


    Again, thank you!



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    Your issue is that you have not selected the networked MX922 in Image Garden and the Canon IJ Scan Utility.


    In Canon IJ Scan Utility, click on the drop menu that shows Product Name and select the "MX920 series Networked" as shown below.

    Canon IJ Scan Utility.png

    And in Image Garden, after selecting Scan, click Settings located in the top right hand corner of the application window. Then select the Tools button (as shown below inside the red box on the top left) and then change the Product Name drop menu to the "Canon MX920 series Network" (as shown above) and OK the selection. Now you should be able to scan with Image Garden as well.

    Image Garden General Settings.png

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    Hi Pahu,


    No, those are set as are yours. Any other thoughts?





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    Open Canon IJ Scan Utility and select Settings then select the General Settings tab. Next to the Product Name drop menu is a Select button. Press this to open the Canon IJ Scanner Selector utility. Is the MX shown as below?

    Scanner Selector.png

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    Yes, sure is. Hence my confusion.


    Thanks again!



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    Part of the frustration is that I've been a Windows / Linux / Unix administrator (Lockheed, IBM) for 30 years and am unable to make heads or tails out of this issue...


    Your assistance is greatly apprecaited.





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    Well this is getting tougher. The only way I can recreate that same error message is to use the MX920 that is meant for the USB connection when the printer is connected via network.


    Would you be able to try connecting the MX to the Mac via USB, changing the Canon IJ Scan Utility to use USB and then see if you get the same error?


    Just for your info re the scanner working via the Scan tab in Print & Scan. This entry uses a differnet scanner driver (ICA) vs the full (TWAIN) driver that is used by the Canon Scan Utility and Image Garden. The ICA driver is also used by Image Capture and Preview.

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    Okay. When connected via USB all the Canon apps function fine. Go figure....


    In any event thank you very much for your Above And Beyond assitance!





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    I am having the same issue. I checked in the MacIntosh hard drive libary, image capture, Twain Data Sources and there is no scanner driver in that folder. I am going to attach the USB cable and see how that goes.