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So I am tyring to figure out the best way to go about building a 5.1 mix to use in a film project that will be put on BluRay.


In my current rough cut in Final Cut Pro 7, I do not have my timeline setup as 5.1 yet since all the dialogue was recorded either in 2 Channel stereo or sometimes mono.  I have several spots in the film where I am adding ambient tracks and we also have lots of musical score/songs.  All of these are also 2 channel stereo currently.


My basic understanding on how to possibly achieve a 5.1 mix would be to duplicate all the stereo tracks that I intend to use as L/R and Ls/Rs (such as songs, ambience or score) and possibly change the dialogue track from 2 ch to mono and set that as the center channel.  But I am a bit lost on how to get anything from the LFE at that point.


I also thought about possibly bringing this project into FCPx and seeing if building the 5.1 might be easier there.


Any suggestions?