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have buy 6500gems -49.99 name Pham ly Khuong in lash of clans game. I have lost money but no have gems in my account.


17/08/2013F948 - 06162421,074,866.00
POS:.616242.20130817.074747.4283100787321023 .VISA-DEBIT-GATEWAY .0.000000.000000.



they reply but now they can not care it


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              BIN Pham            

              Aug 17 14:34 (EEST)           

    Pls check may purchase plsssss 


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  UTC Time: 2013-08-17 11:34:04
  Game: Clash of Clans
  Version: 4.74.3
  PlayerID: 3-3308704(911)
  Category: Purchasing Issue
  Language: EN
  Device Type: iPhone5,1
  OS Version: 6.1.4 


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