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I subscribe to iTunes Match.  One day a couple months ago I noticed that my iTunes library was populated by a new collection of songs.  Songs I already had and were identified as Matched.  All of a sudden, I not only had the"Matched" copy, but also another copy labelled "Purchased."  When I went to "View" --> Duplicates, sure enough there was about 180 songs that had been added to duplicates.  All 180 were identified as "Purchased" and all were identified as purchased on the same date.  That common date was often several years after the date associated with the Matched version.  ALL had the SAME purchase date.  No one in our house of 4 Mac computers sharing the same Apple Account and having the same iTunes libraries had purchased any songs on that date...7/19/13.  All at around 10:30 PM, plus or minus a minute.


Has anyone had this same experience?  I tried to remove the "Matched" copy of each song knowing that the "Purchased" copy would not count to my iTunes Match total.  But, that didn't work.  It appears I am stuck with both copies.


When the recent update to iTunes (v11.0.5) came out, I thought it may address this issue.  No go.  I still have all these duplicates of the same song.  I mean...THE SAME SONG!  AT least as far as I can tell by checking all the information associated with each.  Same name,  same artist, same everything.  As far as I can tell, there is nothing that could "fake out" iTunes Match to think these were different versions.


And ideas what happened and what I can do?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)