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Since I changed my router my wireless printer will not print anymore. My iMac recognises the printer but every time I try to print, it cannot connect to it.  I have checked the the router is connected to wifi but some how the iMac just doesn't pick it up and I can't see any way to change the settings on the iMac. Can anyone help?

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    Your printer likely still has retained the settings that you gave it to connect to your "old" router.


    The printer is lost, and will not be able to find its way to your new router until you reset the printer back to its new, out of box settings....and then configure again to work with your new router.


    For specific details, consult the documentation that came with your printer, or log into the online support site for your printer.

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    I have reset so the printer is connected to the router but the iMac still does not connect to the printer. I've tried deleting the printer and then adding it again but it still doesn't print even though it can see the printer! Why is everything so difficult with a mac?!

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    Sometimes, something as simple as powering off the entire network and then powering it back up...starting with the modem first....will fix a problem like this.


    Maybe if you could provide the make and model number of your printer, another user who has the same model might be able to offer some tips on how they got things working.