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I am brand new to this, so please be kind. I am leaning heavily toward purchasing my entire wish list. At one point I could see clearly exactly how much all of my current wish list cost, but for some reason I am fumbling around trying to find it.


Also, I'd like to purchase all of my wish list songs in one fell swoop - not buy 25 songs for one transaction, then another 25 and so on.


Any advice is appreciated - thanks!

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    GA Runner,


    For reasons that are not obvious, Apple has removed some functionality from the Wish List.  You can no longer "Buy All."


    It is not clear if this fucntionality will be returned in a future release.  In the meantime, you can buy item at a time.

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    Hello ed2345,


    Thank you for your reply. Will I be taxed on each song that I buy? That would add up quickly!!


    That's too bad that some of the functionality has been removed. I also noticed the other day that some songs that I added to my wish list were gone, I checked for the artist again and none of the studio recorded albums were available - only the live versions. Then today I decided to search for the artist again, all of the albums were back (both studio and live), so I re-added the songs to my wish list.


    What's up with that?


    I asked my husband about it, he said that Apple may have lost the rights to that particular batch of studio recorded albums. He also said that we are buying only leased music, so when we sync our iPods there is potential to lose music we have already paid for. Is this true?


    Thanks again for your response! I appreicate your help and anyone else that decides to chime in. 

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    GA Runner,


    If you are in the USA, Apple will add the sales tax for the state you are in.   Here in NJ it is 7%.


    Yes it is possible that items go off sale from the iTunes Store for various reasons.  However, when you buy a song and download the file, you can keep it and use it as long as you have it.  Always make a backup!