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which is the best app for iPhone security?

iPhone 4S
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    If you are concerned about viruses and such as long as your device is not jail broken there is no need to worry. iOS is very safe.

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    You would need to search the app store but in saying that the iPhone is already secure unless you have a jailbroken device.

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    sobotta wrote:


    which is the best app for iPhone security?

    None. No app can cross its secure sandbox unless hacked/jailbroken as mentioned by the other posters 

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    no, not concerned abuot viruses, Im concerned about thiefs, I was looking for an app like Find my iPhone... or semthing more elaborated...

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    If your iPhone get stolen, no apps can help you since it can be restore as new (deleting all the apps). Make sure your Find My iPhone in Settings > iCloud is switched ON.


    If you can hold on to your iPhone till this Fall, IOS7 will be even more secure that is even when restore as new,  iPhone needs the your Apple ID and password to activate.

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    I heard about an app that takes a picture every time someone tries to unlock the iPhone and fails, then inmediately sends the photo to the registered email account....

    someone knows about such app???

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    There are several security apps in the App Store but most are for data protection. Find My IPhone is very good for blocking the phone and limited tracking but its an "after the fact" app which has some preventative value but I doubt a thief would pass up a chance based on Find My iPhone might be employed against him. There are many things you can do personally to help most are just common sense like:


    When outside of your home never leave the phone out of your possession.

    Never lay it down on a table or leave it in a car.

    Keep it in your front pants pocket or in a jacket pocket.


    I know this may sound trivial but I'm surprised at people who think just because they use a password that nobody will bother their phone. I visited my sons college and in their library there were several phones just laying on various tables unattended.


    Hopefully someone else can direct you to a better security app than what I saw.

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    No, I do not use that app. Most thieves are quite clever anyway, they will just take the SIM out and restore the iPhone as new. My opinion, all these apps are useless.


    But if it makes you feel better then go ahead buy the app.