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Last week I could add, delete and edit the songs on my iPhone via iTunes. I could drag and drop new songs, press delete etc. Now I can't.


When I right click on a song on my iPhone in iTunes, I can only play, get info (which I can no longer edit) or show in playlist.


All songs on my iPhone have a grey tick next to them, not a black one.


I normally only back up to my Mac, but for extra security I decided to back up to my PC as well. I have never backed up to my PC before. Since then I have not been able to add, delete and edit songs.


I try to select 'Manually manage Music and Videos" but I get the message


"The iPhone is synched with another iTunes Library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and Sync with this iTunes Library"?


I am getting the above message on my Mac and PC.


I know this is something simple (or rather I hope so).


I have songs on my iPhone that are not in either iTunes library so I do not want to sync with either.


I am on the latest versions of iTunes and iPhone software. I am using an iPhone 4.


Any help much appreciated. I am not very good with tech so please talk me through as many steps as you can.


Thanks in advance.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)