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Hey, when will the new Breaking Bad Ep be available to view? I have already paid for it on iTunes, so where is it? I was able to watch last week's episode that same night. It's the next day now and I still can't see the episode in my waiting to download pile, and searching it turned up nothing. I have also tried googling this question for about an hour and have not been able to find an answer! All the articles with "Breaking Bad" and "iTunes" in them are about how everyone is ****** about having to pay double for the fifth season. Thanks in advance.

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    Just commenting to let you know that I have the same problem.

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    You would have to ask the maker of the show when they will provide it ti itunes for download.

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    I received the usual e-mail that there's a new episode, which is normal for this subscription. iTunes downloaded TWO copies of the 5 minute "behind the scenes" spoilers, but no NEW "Buried" episode. Looks like a major screw up on someone's part. Of course I suspect we'll end up playing pass the buck until the third episode is released. A proactive company would contact the distrubutor and advised them. But that's not Apple's style, they'll sit back, do nothing and leave their customers in the dark. 

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    I got the email and downloaded 2 copies of the behind the scenes clip, as well. Can we talk about how RIDICULOUS this is? I paid $23, and Amazon Instant has the episode already, and has for HOURS. Not to mention, it doesn't even give you all of season 5. Season 5 IS the final season. This is honestly ridiculous and incredibly disappointing. I can't even watch the behind the scenes yet, because it will spoil the actual episode which isn't out yet. It's not even consistent in release time. Last week, this time, I already had my post-Breaking-Bad-episode glow. This week, this time, it's more of an angry, unattractive, red.

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    Pull your s*** together, iTunes.

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    Just became available for me.... I got the I got the email from Apple that the episode was available at 3:38am, and it's now 11:20am.

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    Everybody got the e-mail. Getting the e-mail and actually downloading the episode are two completely different issues. The episode wasn't availble to download this morning despite the e-mail. I just tried downloading the episode now, I'm pleased to say it's downloading now. 

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    Seriously?! You mean I created my itunes support forum id for nothing?!

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    Episode is up for me now. Watching it!