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My MacBook Air, Mid 2013, i5, is randomly shutting down and some programs will stop responding. I have a few panic logs which I will post following this question. Is someone able to shed any light on this?


Also, some programs will just stop responding for a while, the sound will go really crackly for about 30 seconds every so often.






Thanks in advanced.

MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2013), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    if it keeps restarting giving yo a message that you need to restart it sounds like a kernel panic. the following article tells how to trouble shoot this:




    also try smc reset, the following article tells how to do that as well:




    you can also run the apple hardware test to see if it's a hardware issue, this article is for that:




    based on the results of following these articles you may need to take in for repair. good luck

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    Okay, so I've attempted to run the hardware diagnostics first because I was going to go out and just let it run for a while and wait untill I've come back.


    I got the laptop to shutdown, held 'd' for the diagnostics. Selected English from the language drop down but when I press enter it will just crash, I can no longer move the curser and it will sit there untill I force it off. I've tried this twice now with the same outcome.


    Looks like it's a trip to Apple with it, I'll be going in on Thursday, I've made an appointment anyway.