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Trying to help a coworker set up AirWatch MDM Agent on iPhone 5 so she can access company email. The app installs fine, but when it goes to install the configuration profiles, it gives this error. The phone is activated, has an internet connection and makes and receives calls. Our tech support person in charge of mobile device access said this error means the system believes the phone is not fully activated. We have talked to Verizon and they say it is activated. They had me reset all settings but it did not help. iOS 6.1.4 is installed. This was set up and worked fine on her old iPhone. Any other ideas?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    AirWatch has a known issue with iOS version 6.1.4


    Existing users can update to this iOS version, but new activations will fail. We have a support ticket out with AirWatch regarding this, you should have your IT person speak with AirWatch tech support.

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    Interesting. Our tech support was able to get it working after a complete factory reset.

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    And after this reset, what was the iOS version on the device?

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    UPDATE: After working with AirWatch Support, we have more specific information about this issue.


    If you clear your Safari cached information, clear cookies, it allows the activation to run properly. AirWatch is working to provide a patch that would permanently resolve this, but as of now cleating Safari cookies works. Reseting your device to factory defaults worked because the cookies were cleared as part of this reset.

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    I had an issue with one of my users and we use MobileIron for our MDM.  I tried clearing history and cookies in Safari and that didn't fix the issue.  I eventually had to do a facotry reset on the phone.  It appears that potentially during the iOS 7 upgrade it didn't activate properly.  Only odd thing is that other than installing profiles it "appeared" to be activated.  Almost like the process didn't finish 100%.