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  I have gone around and around on the microsoft forums with this and i still have yet to find a solution.  I need to create an address book for my small business that can be accessed via desktop and mobile applications.  I am using the following:


iphone 4

Windows 7 with outlook 2010

windows xp with outlook 2007

exchange 365


Now, i can create a shared contactlist and share it with others and see it just fine on their outlook.  However, when i try and view shared contact lists on iphone it shows nothing.  Several people mentioned that the iphone can't process shared calendars or contact lists.  So, i tried to look at using the global address list.  It shows up on all my iphones but it only searches contacts inside the organization.  Does anyone out there know of a simplistic way to create a shared contact list on my mobile devices?  Is it something i need to setup with my global address list???

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3