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I have an iPhone 3gs (yes, I'm still living in the past), I have multiple contacts that randomly get added to my list of contacts. "Random" because it is mostly not even people I contact at ALL, by email or phone. Some of the contacts are only people I receive emails FROM (like for newsletters).

For example, one entry is an email of a friend - btw I NEVER use that email, I call her - the entry that only has her email was added to my iPhone 1390 times!!!!

That is not the only one that is duplicated.  My contacts are almost unusable because of these enormous numbers of random duplicates being added.


I have 2 questions:

How do I stop my phone (or is it icloud?) from creating these duplicates


How can I clean this all up?


Oh, let's add a third question:

My phone is syncing the contacts to icloud (that is how I got the number of duplicates) but my icloud contacts are not syncing with my MBP running Lion (10.7.5).  How can I get all of my contacts to synchronize nicely?


If all of my contacts would be on my MBP, I could merge the duplicates but they aren't there ... yet.


I am not synchronizing with google or yahoo or ..... only with icloud, my phone and my MBP. I have my phone to sync over the air in itunes.


Also, since I thought everything was synchronizing nicely, I add contacts on my phone or on my computer in about equal amounts.  So, that means that I can't just erase (write over) what's on my phone or on my computer.


I want to sync with a new iMac and upgrade to Mountain Lion too but I want to get this straighted out first.  I DO have icloud enabled on my MBP and my iphone.


Can someone help me please??



iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.3, MBP 15-inch, Early 2011, 10.7.5