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I just reinstalled OS 10.3 on an iBook G4 for an intended user. However, after having installed everything and set up user accounts, the intended user changed. Since it took many hours to find and install everything, I don't want to reinstall the whole thing from scratch. I do, however, want to change the user name for the main account and the computer name, as well as the base language.


I found a thread on this forum that tells how to reset the admin password without the install CD. Another site mentions the same method but notes that you should not name the admin user account the same as the old one, as this will delete it. So my question: Does this method create a new main account and allow you to rename the computer for network purposes? Or is it just the same as creating a further admin account by just logging in as admin and creating a new user account? I suspect it won't change the base language. Even when an individual account is set to another language (German), the main language (Spanish) tends to be the one in which software is automatically installed.


Would there be another method to allow me to do the above? Thanks for any info.