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When I upgraded to Lion awhile back... I didn't realize that new versions of iMovie, iMovie 11,  would not play former versions. How can I play the older versions? Is there an iMovie 2 for Lion, or a workaround?


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iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    iMovie is in reality one name of two very different products

    - iMovie 1 to HD6 - is one product and it's evolution

    - iMovie'08 to 11 - a totally different product - no code are relatd


    so the answer is - Sorry to say - NO !


    Yours Bengt W

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    I was afraid of that. Do you know of any workaround ? Is there an iMovie version that will run my files on Lion?



  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    iMovie HD6 should work - although tricky to get installed - but well described in this forum.


    Else - NO


    Yours Bengt W

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    dennisfromfairfield wrote:

    … iMovie 11,  would not play former versions. …

    and as addendum zo Bengt's excellent advice:


    iMovie is no 'player'.

    iMovie projects, from any version, are meant to be shared/broadcasted/exported (diff. words in diff. version, meaning all the same).


    Such exports, from any version of iMovie were, are, and for sure will be playable - with Quicktime Player.


    So, meant as generic advice:

    Don't 'hide' your Projects in iMovie!

    Export them, make a mov (or m4v, or mp4, or whatever) of it - done.