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Running 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro.


My goal: to have my "Caps Lock" key instead function exactly the same as the "Return/Enter" key.


The reason: I have a broken right arm and need to minimize its use for a couple months, yet still need to work on my computer -- and one of the few keys that ONLY exists on the right side of the keyboard is the "Return" key; if I can create a "Return" key on the left side of the keyboard, if would make my computer work much easier in general and more importantly much easier to do with just my left hand.


I already tried to fiddle with "Keyboard Shortcuts" in the System Preferences, but could find no way to achieve this -- the "shortcuts" always seem to require a "modifier key," which is not what I want -- I want the Caps Lock to behave exactly like a Return key all on its own, without a modifier key.


I need the left side's Shift, Tab, Function and Escape keys for other purposes, so I don't want to remap those. The only "unnecessary" key on the left side of the keyboard is the Caps Lock key, so that is specifally the key I want to re-map.


Any way to do this system-wide? And if not, any way to do it application-by-application?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)