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Photos for Mac

I have thousands of video clips that I transfer out of iPhoto/Aperture to a portable hard drive.


Some of the video files have successfully transferred with the date in the file name (my preferred approach via a batch change) whereas many don't have the date as the file name but the date can be identified via Date Created in Finder for my portable hard drive.


I want all the video files to have the date as the file name as I find this easier to manage.


Is there any way I can easily change the file names to the date in Finder for my portable hard drive?


I think not. So the alternative is to reimport the undated video file names back into IPhoto/Aperture, do a batch change to make the file name the date, and then export again to my portable hard drive.


If I do that, will I lose any quality in the video files va the transfer back and forth process?


Thank you