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Short version: the event times on the iGadgets are not the same as in the iMac Calendar application


Very long version:

I subscribed to an ics calendar of all 256 NFL games. The calendar was created and uploaded in the Central Time Zone. When I subscribed via Calendar on my Mac, all the times were properly changed to my own Pacific Time Zone (minus two hours). So far, so good.


I have all my calendars talking to iCloud. I know that this subscribed calendar will not appear in the iCloud calendar. That's fine. The Apple magic worked and the NFL calendar was shared and all the events appeared on all my portable iGadgets BUT––here is the problem––all the event times on the iGadgets are in Central time.


Details, details: each iGadget has its Time Zone Support turned on so that each gadget will set its time based on where it is. We are all sitting in Pacific time and seem to know this. In other non-subscribed-yet-shared calendars, I can make new events and they appear correctly on all iGadgets' and iMacs' calendars.


How can I get the game times in the subscribed calendar to appear on my iGadgets in Pacific time as they do in the iMac Calendar? What is it about this subscribed calendar that is throwing off the iGadgets?



Subscribed calendar lives at:  http://www.southendzone.com/ics/

OS 10.8.4 on a very happy iMac

iOS 6.1.3 on mildly giddy iPhone 4 and a smug iPad mini