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Hello all,


I have a couple of questions regarding using L&T. I am trying to log and transfer footage shot in AVCHD on a Panasonic X920, shot at 1080/60i. I have copied the files from the SD card to a folder on my desktop. I can play back the files in the L&T window, set in and out points, etc. But when I click "add", it crashes FCP. It's done it 7 or 8 times now. I have no trouble using L&T with clips shot on my Canon 7D, or several other cameras for that matter. So is it just because of the camera I used? Is it because this is a very new camera and FCP doesn't recognize the format? I know FCP7 isn't supported anymore, so is it just too out of date to handle this footage? Or am I missing something?


Next question - (and I know everyone will answer "Use ClipWrap!") ... What  are my options, including (yikes) abandoning FCP7 as my NLE.

I did indeed use ClipWrap to convert these particular files, just so I could finish my project - but as far as I can tell, you can't set in and out points, nor can you name files, with it. I see that as a huge disadvantage as compared to L&T. I don't want to have to go back into FCP and rename every file. So, in short, why does FCP7 crash with these particular files, and is there an equivalent alternative? I admit I am not familiar with Compressor - is that an option?



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    Might be because FCP 7 is 4.5 years old...2.5 years since it was discontinued, and this is a newer camera. Came out within the last year, no? And every camera maker has a slightly different format of AVCHD, which makes things difficult.  You are are running an old, discontinued NLE and trying to use a brand new camera. This is always an issue, and the solutions are...


    1) Get an update to the NLE...only, there isn't any. So you need to move to a more current NLE. FCX, Adobe Premeire Pro, Avid (although for you I'd not recommend Avid).


    2) Use Clipwrap because it works. Sorry about the no IN and OUT thing...you wouldn't be able to do that with Adobe Premiere either, because it works with the files natively, no conversion. Although Prelude allows you to do that.


    3) Get another NLE...but that was part of my answer in 1.


    Compressor won't help...it doesn't read MTS files.  Nor will MPEG STREAMCLIP.