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This morning my wife came to me with her iPhone5 complaining that her notes in the Note app have disappeared.  After investigating on her laptop we found them in her Yahoo folders but they weren't on her phone.  Strange.  I had all my notes on my iPhone5.  So we went to work and I researched the issue.  Found out that there are a lot of people out there with this same issue.  This evening I backed up my iPhone5 wirelessly to my computer.  I restored my wife's phone to her last back up that she said had her notes.  No good - not there.  So I reset her phone back to factory setting and restored from her backup.  In the mean time, I plugged my phone in to my computer to check on some setting.  Lo and behold, my notes have disappeared too!  Of course they are all in Yahoo, but what's strange is that not all of my Yahoo notes disappeared.  So it has something to do with syncing with iTunes with the wire, not wirelessly.  I just restored my phone to today's backup and I suspect that since I'm tethered to my computer, the restore put them back and iTunes removed them.  Since I cannot see the Notes folder in the email app - what good is it to sync them to Yahoo?  Ridiculous.  So the key is to NOT tether your phone to iTunes and sync wirelessly.  Now I am going to have to go through the process of emailing all my notes back to myself and copy them into Notes. 


Any one have a better cost-effective solution? 

iPhone 5, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), iTunes 11.0.5
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    Follow up to my earlier post.  It appears that the notes that "disappeared" from my iPhone fit in a certain date range.  Seems to be June and July.  A note I created in August didn't disappear.  So I just emailed the notes from June and July to myself.  I created new notes on my iPhone in the Notes app for my Yahoo  account.  Automagically they appeared in my Yahoo folder and didn't disappear from my iPhone when I synced again.  Solution?