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I'm curious about how these 2 entries work together?  First, I have noticed that if I put something like Google DNS in the second entry only (with the first entry being the default from my ISP) that it used Google DNS even though I have it listed second?  Is this because I have no "static" value in the first entry?


Second, if I put a primary and secondary when does it get switched to the secondary entry?  I assume if the first one fails but is this after 30 seconds and no reply or how exactly does it work?


I have very bad DNS from my ISP and that's why I'm trying to figure this out thanks!



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    Hi rick722,


    Even though the article's title may sound a little strange, here is some information about the way Mac OS X handles DNS:


    Non-responsive DNS server or invalid DNS configuration can cause long delay before webpages load



    Bolding is mine:

    • You have specified two or more DNS servers in the Network preference pane (possibly at the direction of a network administrator or your ISP), but the first server on the list has become non-responsive, or was entered incorrectly. The delay occurs while Mac OS X waits for the first server to respond, then it goes to the next server in your list.  Make sure the addresses are entered correctly. Changing the order of DNS addresses may improve performance. If your network administrator prefers that the primary server be used, you may wish to change back to the original order after the issue is resolved with the primary server.

    Airport devices tell Mac computers the DNS servers to use, so this article applies to Airports as well.



    - Ari

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    Great thanks!