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I have an Apple TV (3rd Gen) and Apple Time Capsule (4th Gen). How can I access Movies and Music stored in the Time Capsule from Apple TV. This is very  n't give frustrating that Apple doesn't give their customers with an straight forward access to their customers in between their own products. Iam repenting that buying these products is completely waste of bucks. Appreciate your help...

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    The Time Capsule is clearly announced as a router with a hard drive to make backups, not to store anything and share it with your Apple TV.


    To access to movies and music from the Time Capsule, note that the Apple TV can only access to them if they are stored in your iTunes library, so you will have to put your movies and music into iTunes to access to them, and then, put your iTunes library on the Time Capsule in order to access to your data from there

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    But once I put my iTunes Library on the Time Capsule, should my PC be on always, if I need to access this library on the Time Capsule from Apple TV?